When I was in high school I wanted to be a horse trainer.  How times change.  My name is David Richwine and today I am an HIV nurse, educator and healthcare policy advocate who recently retired, after 20 years,  from a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer.

At the cusp of turning 60, I knew I needed something different.  I made a great living and was approaching a comfortable retirement. Although I had experienced fulfilling success in many different areas of life, I believed there had to be something deeper, something that could satisfy my thirst for something…different.

Twelve years ago, I moved to Wilton Manors and started going to Ramrod a Levi’s and Leather Bar.  In 2015, I attended my first Leather Pride Weekend in Palm Springs.  After hearing a keynote speech and having a one on one personal conversation with the 2015 International Mister Leather Titleholder (IML), Patrick Smith, I knew what was next for me. I was going to run for IML in 2017.

Throughout the course of our lives our goals and interests change. What was important at 20-years-old isn’t the same later in life. For some people, these changes are difficult to grasp.  Understanding yourself and why your ideals and goals are changing can help the process.

The truth is, what I was looking for was something that made me feel my most authentic.  Outside of the Leather world, I completed two certifications, National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer and World Coaching Institute – Certified Professional Coach, for my passion project David Unbound.  The goal of David Unbound is to help gay men of any age accept where they are now as they challenge themselves to continuously grow emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually.

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