My trip to Cuba over Easter weekend was not at all what I had planned it to be.  Being honest, I made the decision to travel to Cuba to fuck around with as many Cubans as possible.  I am proud of my list of 28 countries on 6 continents I’ve had sex in, but I can’t make Cuba the 29th.  There are many reason why, but I suppose the most important one is it just didn’t feel right.

I traveled there with 2 friends on a “support of the Cuban people” Travel Visa because of the 12 available choices on the state department website it seemed like the one most aligned with the objective of my visit, to fuck Cubans.  The problem with that objective was it was clear to me Cubans had been fucked too many times already.  Fucked by the leaders of their revolution, fucked by their communist government, fucked by the US Government and fucked by Russia.  In short, they and everything around them, as far as I could see, was fucked.  From the minute my friends and I got into our “drivers” 47 year old Russian built Lada, my plans started to change.  Driving into Havana at the racing speed of 35 kilometers an hour (you read that right). I knew the rich American, me, was there for the wrong reason and quickly switched my plan to site seeing to support the Cuban people.

We did see many sites, including the closing of El More (old fort) gates at sunset complete with Soldiers in shabby colonial dress and cannon fire, Old Havana, Plaza de la Catedral, Gran Teatro de La Habana, the Habana Christ and the list goes on.  Of course, we did the “required” ride in the a 50’s era convertible.  The past grandeur of the city was around every corner as was the obvious want of repair.  Historical sites, government buildings and a couple of the old luxury hotels on Central Park were in good repair, but the rest of the city just seemed to be crumbling.  Many of streets in the neighborhood the B&B we stayed was located were unpassable by a motor vehicle. Our hostess, Suzy, a lovely woman, clearly had to barter for the breakfast part of B&B she prepared and served so proudly every morning.  My once beautiful bedroom, in need of paint for at least 20 years prior to my occupancy, had a private bath (all the bedrooms had private baths), but hot running water was only available from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at night.  If you missed you missed it.  Maybe it was the frequent cool showers that dampened my resolve to fuck Cubans?

Even so, I would go back again and again.  The people are amazingly friendly and generous in the way people used to not having much so often are. Signs of change, mostly from tourism, were everywhere.  I wanted to witness the changes with the hopes of seeing improvements each time I returned to support the Cuban people.  Unfortunately, that won’t be possible because our 45 President decided to do what I decided not to do: Fuck Cubans.