Certified Personal Trainer

Your best self includes being your most healthy self. As a National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, I take pride in helping people transform their bodies into their  ideal physique. As a trainer and professional life coach, I like to create a one to one relationship with intensity fit for each person. Whether you’re training for a specific life event or just want to tone up its best to work with a trainer who helps you identify and who understands your goals and how to reach them.

Fitness Travel Adventure

Travelling solo with friends, family or a partner can be fun, but seeking out adventure with a personal fitness goal enables you to experience sights, sounds and views in a completely different capacity. An individual or small group fitness travel experience will end with more then pictures and stories for friends – it will end with a personalized plan to foster emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual growth.  Pictures and stories are recommended too.  Contact me about individual and small group travel.

Certified Life Coach

After experiencing and overcoming my own period of self-doubt I decided helping others was something I needed to do, which is why I recently completed life coach certification.  Life is full of ups and downs and taking things to the next level in any facet can be scary.  Whether you’re looking to be healthier, more motivated, more challenged or feel a greater sense of who you are – I will be there for you.  Achieving harmony between your mind, body and soul can be trying.  As a person once lost who dealt with substance abuse it took me years to find myself and be comfortable with living as “me”. Authenticity is the nucleus of self-worth and understanding that is at the core of living a truly fulfilled life.

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