I made my first trip to the Cape d’ Agde, France nudist area this past August with friends Carlos and Paul. Our first stop, Villa Litoral Gay Guesthouse, located about 30 minutes – depending on traffic – from the action in the small beach town of Grau Agde turned out to be more the expected. Host, Jean and Laurent made us welcome on arrival showing us around and our rooms. I asked about a gym in the area and they showed me their small workout room on the property (pictured). I pride myself being able to get a workout in even the most underequipped gyms. This “workout room” was just the challenge I was looking for on this 3 day stop. Located adjacent to the pool although small, I was surprised by the versatility of the equipment it had, which turned out to be everything I needed for chest, back, bicep and tricep workout. With no air conditioning in the middle of summer the small room provided plenty of opportunity to work up a good sweat and also, because it is seldom used for working out, attention form the nude men hanging out around the pool at this clothing optional gay resort. Pumping up and getting blown at the end of my workouts always makes a trip more memorable. That’s exactly what happened in the “workout room” at Villa Litoral, not once, but all 3 days. It’s hard not to like that! I can recommend the accommodations – beware though, no air conditioning – and getting a workout in before a hot night at the bars in Cape d’ Agde, where if you can’t get laid, you’re just not trying. One last note, Cape d’ Agde has a large leather scene – gay, straight, bi and everything else. I was happy I had gear with me that I had brought along for events at Berlin Dark in Barcelona, Spain later into this amazing trip.